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Now you see the word 'quiz' and you start forming a mental picture of a bunch of bespectacled geeks/ K T Mirash's huddled in a dingy room, discussing the American civil war or the Spanish revolution or even the oil prices in middle east for crying out loud. 'Ajax' that image. We like to think of ourselves as the cheekiest bunch of sonofaguns Gec ever laid eyes on. The Gyanartha quiz club where a gecian ends up to experience that sense of enthrallment in brushing up ones 'little grey cells' however clich├ęd that may sound, where that whacky little trivia that you once read in a weekly comes into use, where you talk about anything and everything under the sun. Gyanartha is the beacon of hope for the inquisitive soul, the green light in the distant horizon to your quizzical Gatsby.


The Gyanartha Quiz

Club conducts its flagship quizzing event The Gyanartha Quiz in loving memory of alumnus P Venugopal

The Gyanartha Quiz Fest is held in memory of P Venugopal, a legend from the GEC quizzing fraternity. He did his B.Tech in Chemical Engineering [1977-1982 batch] from GEC, Thrissur. A man of multiple talents, he was a prominent quizzer during his school and college days.
The third edition of the fest is all set to be conducted on March 26 and 27, 2016

India Quiz

Club organizes an India Quiz annually which is based on Indian polity, Indian National Movement and current affairs. In other words, all things Indian

Besides these, Gyanartha also hosts fun weekly quizzes at Room No. 309 of GEC, Thrissur, a place unforgettable to any Gyanarthan

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